The DYNACORD COBRA-4 compact line array system is extremely compact, fast and easy to set up and extremely cost efficient. It provides line array performance in the type of situations where conventional, large format line arrays can offer no economically viable solution.

The extremely wide horizontal directivity of the DYNACORD COBRA-4 compact line array system (due to their generation of cylindrical sound waves) means it can provide coverage to large audience areas without the comb-filter-like effects that impair the sound quality of conventional horizontal clusters. The shallow and precisely defined vertical directivity, free from strong vertical ‘side lobes’, avoids the undesired radiation of sound towards ceiling and floor areas, eliminating to a large extent the interference produced by reflections.

The COBRA-4 systems features system cabling, that allows a fast and easy set-up from pre-configured amplifier racks. The COBRA-4 with it’s dedicated COBRA-4-FAR and the PWH hornloaded subwoofer cabinet allows for concerts with audience of several thousands.

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